About Us

HuTerra was founded to better connect the three core elements of fundraising—causes, businesses, and supporters. Our unique program provides a simple and efficient way for these interdependent groups to support one another.

Who We Are

Our program is designed to allow any supporter to give back without relying on selling subscriptions, products (cookies, chocolate bars, etc.), or asking for donations from friends and family.

We give businesses a way to connect deeper to their consumer base by supporting the causes their customers care about most.

This allows causes of all kinds to benefit from supporters and businesses without the traditional form of chasing down donations, doing donor drives, or relying on the same supporter group for funding.

What We Do

The innovative My HuTerra app is creating in-roads to national fundraising by providing a platform that works in any city in the US. Our goal is to help causes reach their full potential in their missions of good works by engaging supporters and driving business to those companies giving back.

We believe that the dedication of the supporters—combined with the passion-driven work of the cause—can give way to change. We at HuTerra are proud to be a vehicle that can help them realize their goals and purposes with a sustainable fundraising model.

How Do You Get Started?


1. Provide your fundraiser information.
2. Promote your fundraiser(s) to your supporters.
3. Download the app to manage your account.


1. Download the free My HuTerra app.
2. Select the fundraiser(s) you want to support.
3. Start shopping to earn HuTerra Rewards.