Fundraising Made Easy

Your supporters raise funds while shopping for the things they need.

What Is HuTerra Rewards?

We help your cause raise funds when your supporters shop at local and online name brand businesses giving HuTerra Rewards.

Simply invite your supporters to download the My HuTerra app, select your fundraiser, and start shopping to earn HuTerra Rewards.

HuTerra captures your supporters’ activity, collects the funds from the stores, and passes the funds to you.

How Do You Earn HuTerra Rewards?

Buy eGift Cards

Purchase eGift Cards from name brand stores. Use them online, in-store, or gift them to others.

Shop Online

Shop online through the My HuTerra app at name brand stores giving HuTerra Rewards.

Shop Local

Shop in-store for the things you want and scan your receipts.

Where Can You Earn HuTerra Rewards?

Shop hundreds of popular brands. Whether you need to stock your pantry, gas up your car, book travel, dine out, or buy the things you need to complete a home project; you can earn HuTerra Rewards.

What Are Members Saying?

How Do You Get Started?


1. Provide your fundraiser information.
2. Promote your fundraiser(s) to your supporters.
3. Download the app to manage your account.


1. Download the free My HuTerra app.
2. Select the fundraiser(s) you want to support.
3. Start shopping to earn HuTerra Rewards.